Growing Families

The non-stop energy snack for kids

The primary school years are an important time of mental and physical growth in meeting the demands of schoolwork and play. Eating the right food is vital to ensure their minds and bodies develop to their full potential.

By the age of 5 years children rely on snacks for up to half their energy needs. It is quite common for them to eat 6-8 times a day because of their small stomach volume.

Breakfast is a particularly important meal for children as it stimulates the brain to think efficiently. Breakfast eaters are better at problem solving, doing maths and remembering what has been taught in the classroom that morning. Bananas are also ideal for school lunches as they’re easy to peel and don’t require refrigeration.

Bananas are also the perfect snack for active teenagers who often need 4-5 snacks a day. Unlike their super-sugary, super-processed competitors, bananas are bursting with natural ingredients that keep teenagers full of energy all day long.