There's something for everyone thanks to our extensive range of bananas.

  • The Study Banana
  • The Pre-Gym Banana
  • The Singing in the Shower Banana


Whatever your thing

With a range of bananas to pick from, find the one you need, no matter how ripe.

  • Toss
    The sunset swim banana
    Toss it in a summer salad
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  • Blend
    The post-run banana
    Blend it in a delicious nutritous smoothie
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  • Bake
    The afternoon tea banana
    Bake this into banana bread or muffins
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  • BBQ
    The BBQ banana
    Makes a natural brulee
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Full of Appealing Nutrients

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  • Keep Working

    Don’t give in to the mid-morning munchies and the 3 o’clock fuzzies. Get a boost with nature’s non-stop energy snack.

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  • Keep Kids Going

    Bananas are bursting with natural ingredients that keep kids full of energy all day long. Great on brekky cereal and in school lunchboxes, too.

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