Busy Workers

Never run out of energy

For busy workers, bananas are the handy, convenient, healthy snack that means you can avoid the mid-morning munchies and the 3 o’clock fuzzies. The carbs in bananas will immediately return your blood glucose levels to normal and give you all the nutritional goodness you need to keep powering through the day. 

Never before have we been expected to perform at such a high level and under such constant stress. A banana is the perfect meal in a peel for people on the run: packed with carbohydrate, B group vitamins, potassium, Vitamin C, folate, no fat and just as much fibre as 1 or 2 slices of multigrain bread.

Bananas, which are naturally fat-free and high in fibre (2.2 g per banana), can help prevent excess weight gain as they are very filling. The carbohydrates in bananas take longer to digest giving a feeling of fullness. As the natural sugars are slowly absorbed from the intestines, the banana has a low Glycaemic Index (GI), so they are the perfect fruit for anyone who does have diabetes.



The ultimate healthy snack

Adults must also now be vigilant about preventing health problems down the track, by eating well, keeping their blood pressure and blood cholesterol healthy, not smoking and by being active. The banana has no fat or cholesterol, provides antioxidants and fibre, all of which helps to keep the heart (and brain) healthy. The high potassium content helps keep blood pressure normal, and of course it is part of your two fruit serves needed each day for good health.